Sunday, October 05, 2008


I would like to thank all of the students who have made my time at Williams Elementary School both rewarding and very special. Just to set the record straight, I think you have taught me as much as I have taught you. Though I was very sad to leave such a wonderful place to teach, I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to teach physical education, only now to students just slightly older.
To those of you who are not a part of Williams Elementary School, I invite you to see what we have been doing the last few years in our classes. Our school made P.E. a priority and moved from one day to two days a week for 50 minutes. With two classes attending P.E. at the same time making class sizes between 30 and 50 students, the curriculum changed significantly before the 2007-2008 school year. I hope that you will be able to use some of the lessons I created. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will try to help you in any way that I can.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


2nd - 5th grades
A & B...Students will review the basketball shot with partners and be assessed on their improvement. Around the World will be discussed, explained, and demonstrated. Students will be responsible for organizing their group, setting up the activity area, and monitoring the progress of the game. Their will be six groups at six baskets and students will play continuously. There will be continued emphasis on correct shooting form.

K - 1st grades
A...relay to shoot
B...Number game


2nd - 5th grades

A...Students will begin dribbling, moving around the court, challenging different skilled dribblers at different skill levels and discussing double dribble and traveling. Students will play "Dribble Pirates" as students try to control their own ball and tip others balls away. Control is emphasized and high vs low dribbling demonstrated. Students will then be instructed on shooting cues: ball in front of neck, hand behind ball, jump and push. They will shoot to the roof attempting to shoot as high as possible. Groups of 6 will be formed and students will conduct their own two team shooting contests at their own basket.

B...Students will again start out dribbling with an explanation of the improtance of the dribble. Students will play "Dribble Pirates" and then "Offense Defense" where half the students dribble (offense) and the other half tries to steal (defense) and then become offense. A demonstration of "2 on 1" follows and students will practice offense defense skills in groups of 5 to 7. Groups more advanced or that improve will try "3 on 2".


K - 1st grades

A...Students will be asked to dribble in open spaces, either standing still or moving. They will be challenged in different ways: low vs high, moving and still, same hand vs cross over, good hand vs bad hand, and dribbling on a spot. Students will get in relay form in groups of two and then take turns dribbling out and around a basket. Emphasis will be on keeping the ball in front of them and continuously dribbling. Students will have 5 minutes of free shooting at the end of class.

B...Dribbling will begin like last class and students will be challenged at higher levels. Again groups of twoo will be made and moving dribbling relay will be performed. Next students will shoot back and forth to their partner, correcting each others form from the basketball shooting cues mentioned earlier. The last five minutes will be free shooting again, this time shooting form will be corrected.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


K - 5th grades
All classes will continue fitness testing this week. Most classes will complete their situps and sit and reach tests. Classes will also be given time to retake any tests that were missed because of absence or any tests that students wish to improve on. Students who missed the mile run test will be running next Thursday or Friday at 1pm.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


2nd-5th grades
A...All classes will do the mile run. Grading parameters will be discussed and students will get a grade higher if they improve their time from the start of the year. Some pull up tests will be administered if time permits.
B...All classes will do pull ups test and mile run make up if necessary.
K - 1st grades
A...All classes will do the half mile run. Students will not be graded but encouraged to do the best they can. Pull ups tests will be given if time permits.
B...All classes will do the pull ups test and half mile run make up if necessary.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


3rd - 5th grades
A & B...Students have ben asking about revisiting soccer for months. We will start our fitness testing next week so this seemed like a good time to hit soccer again for a short time. Student will be divided into 2 teams and strategies and rules will be reviewed. Students are reminded that playing organized sport is for fun and we are playing to have a good time. The game is called "4 Ball Soccer" or "No Rules Soccer". Students will attempt to score goals as this non-stop game runs. There is no out of bounds and all balls are in play, even after a score. The only time a ball is picked up is by a goalie or if a fould/hand ball is called.
K - 2nd grades
A...Students will have a hoop day today. After a quick warm up run, students will get a hula hoop and "Free Hoop" to music". After this short time, students will practice regular hula-ing, hand turning, and the back spin toss. Students will use their new skills in another "Free Hoop" session. Students will spread out and sit in a hoop with a beanbag. We will practice tossing the beanbag up and in the hoop in different ways. Then students will toss, clap, and catch. Next students will partner juggle from hoop to hoop with others students and then just one. We will end class playing musical hoops where students move around the hoops to music then sit in a hoop when the music stops.
B...Students will stretch and do a short run to begin class. Hula hoop skills will be quickly reviewed and then a short free hooping time will follow. Classes will play musical hoops with different kinds of movements (walking, dancing, running, jumping, and leaping) and then quickness practice to get back in a hoop when the music stops. We will follow musical hoops up with a "Flag Tag" game on the court. If your flag is on you are in and if it is off you are out (but you can put it right back on to get back in!). A few parachute games will end class.


Monday, April 21, 2008


2nd - 5th grades
A...Our theme this week is relay week. Students will get lots of leg work in today as they participate in many many different types of relays. 5th grade will do more advanced relay work as they prepare for the county 5th grade field day at Citizen's Field on Friday. Students will group into teams of 3 or 4 that include both boys and girls on each team. Relays will be run 40 yards each turn. The term disqualification will be reviewed and used throughout class. Relays include: running relay, backwards-forwards relay, baton relay, ring relay, block relay, block-ball relay, block-ball-ball relay, three ball carry-no hands relay, all equipment carry relay. We will end class with track and field sprinting. Six students will sprint 50 yards at a time then walk back around the outside to the start where they will be ready to run once again. We will talk about finishing the race and sprinting straight.
B...More relays, including line relays
K - 1st grades
A...Students will follow a similar format to the older students. The distance will be slightly shorter and we will do some relays more than once. We will also include differnet locomotor skills in the relay such as skipping and hopping. Relays will be taught the entire class.
B...More relays, including line relays

Saturday, April 12, 2008


3rd - 5th grades
A...Students continue golf

K - 2nd grades
A...Students will be revisiting all types of kicking skills.
B...Students will be getting a leg workout using the scooters

Thursday, April 03, 2008


We are pleased to welcome Coach D to Williams Elementary School. He is very glad to be here and has really liked working with our wonderful students. Please make sure you tell Coach how much you appreciate his hard work teaching us physical education. Coach D says this is his favorite school he has worked at! Thanks Coach D!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


3rd - 5th grades

A...Students will hit golf balls this week from the Williams Golf Range. 24 stations about 4 to 5 yards apart are set up to hit golf balls from, including a club, tee, hoop, and 20 balls at each area. Students are told rules of the range, safety precautions, and golf stroke cues which include (1) feet and hands ready!, (2) head and club down!, and (3) easy swing. Students retrieve balls at set times throughout the day.

B...Students will again hit golf balls in the same format. Emphasis will again be on safety and correct stroke form.

K - 2nd grades

A...Students will be starting a reveiw of throwing skills. Today students will play "Battleball" as played earlier in the year. The power throw will be emphasized on this day. We will end class with some "Parachute Games".

B...Students will focus more on the throwing form today as we take out the tennis balls for more throwing games for distance and accuracy.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Week of March 25, Friday no school
2nd - 5th grades
A...Students will complete their third nine weeks final test, a 1/2 mile run/jog/walk. Students will attempt to complete the run in the designated times for a grade. Afterthe run, students will be reintroduced to batting. Emphasis will be on the foot placement and how it can effect the direction the ball is hit, and hand placement on the bat. Students who have mastered tee hitting will advance either to self-toss or student pitch. Students will hit in groups of three, quickly rotating on each hit to keep students on the move! Bat safety will be discussed at all times throughout the lesson. Pitched balls will be soft-tossed like a slow-pitch softball and we will have batters show targets before they swing.
1. 3:15 Will Burger (4th grade)
2. 3:24 Michael Mulligan (5th grade)
3. 3:32 Jonah Thiele (4th grade)
4. 3:33 Antwain Patterson (5th grade)
5. 3:34 Ayaz Khan (5th grade)
6. 3:36 Darius Mitchum (5th grade)
7. 3:38 Joshua Quillen (4th grade)
8. 3:41 John Finnerty (4th grade)
9. 3:43 Donavin Bird (3rd grade)
10. 3:45 Camilo Moraga-Lewy (4th grade)
10. 3:45 Ryan Jacobs (4th grade)
12. 3:46 Jevon Boswell (3rd grade)
12. 3:46 Mountain Blanchard (3rd grade)
14. 3:48 Noah Killingsworth (5th grade)
14. 3:48 John Tyson Dampier (5th grade)
16. 3:51 Rico Mirti (4th grade)
17. 3:57 Elijah Killingsworth (3rd grade)
18. 4:00 Alex Maruniak (2nd grade)
19. 4:04 Seth Giles (4th grade)
20. 4:05 Xzavion Carmen (3rd grade)
1. 3:59 Jasmin Brown (5th grade)
2. 4:07 Caroline Richardson (4th grade)
3. 4:10 Janelle Taylor (5th grade)
3. 4:10 Charlotte Talham (5th grade)
5. 4:17 Grace Wigglesworth (2nd grade)
6. 4:18 Sage Max (5th grade)
7. 4:19 Jenise Hall (5th grade)
7. 4:19 Stella Reneke (5th grade)
9. 4:20 Destiny Bivins (2nd grade)
10. 4:24 Delaney Rua (4th grade)
11. 4:28 Alice Hou (5th grade)
12. 4:30 Deja Bivins (5th grade)
13. 4:35 Cason Winslow (2nd grade)
14. 4:39 Kate Warren (5th grade)
15. 4:42 Catherine Bichier (2nd grade)
16. 4:46 Jakayla Lovett (4th grade)
16. 4:46 Ul'Ondrea Johnson (4th grade)
18. 4:47 Anousha Peters (2nd grade)
19. 4:49 Shanperia Fayson (5th grade)
19. 4:49 Elizabeth Figlio (4th grade)
B...Students will again warm up in the same circular format working on baseball form, with review. Students will be introduced to "Bonker Ball". Students will work in groups of three or four. One student is the batter, another the pitcher, and the other(s) the outfielder. The pitcher underhand tosses to the batter who hits the ball in any direction. As the batter goes to first and back home as many times as possible, the outfielder(s) and pitcher attempt to work together to tag home to stop the batters run scoring explosion! Each at bat is an inning.
K - 1st grades
A...Students will be introduced to batting. Students will learn to hit off the tee using the correct foot placement, hand placement, and bat swing plane. Students will work in groups of three and rotate within their group after each hit. Bat safety will be taught at all times throughout the lesson. Students will be encouraged to swing hard and "level".
B...Student will again work on batting with more emphasis on the form. Students in 2nd grade will play "Bonker Ball".


Very few classes will be coming to physical education class during the two weeks of FCAT testing. Most of the classes will actually be in the afternoon, which are K-1-2 classes. We will be doing "chasing, fleeing, and dodging" games with students. Students will play "Flag Tag", "Open Flag Tag", "Collection Flag Tag", "Hill Dill", and "Cross the Ocean". We will emphasize safety and fun. Students will learn more about their spatial awareness and body awareness.
On Friday, March 21, our school will have a Walkathon to benefit Tyler's Hope, an organization to find a cure for distonia. The organization was named after a 4th grade student in our school who has distonia. Students collect pledges per lap and we will run/walk for 35 to 40 minutes with each group of students!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


2nd - 5th grades
A... Students will find a box of tennis balls in groups of 2 to 4. Groups will begin by rolling the balls to hoops about 10 to 15 feet away from the group. Students are encouraged to feel the force used to roll so softly. We will add a hockey stick to each line and review striking with a hocket stick. These cues include a hand placement similar to a golf putt except the strong hand will slide down the stick and bent knees. The strike will be more of a flick, pushing with the strong hand and then adding a pull on the left for power "flicks". Students will be instructed not to strike the ball like a golf shot to avoid unnecessary safety hazzards and to better control the ball. Students will take turns in their groups striking the ball to a near hoop, a medium distant hoop, and also a long shot. 4th and 5th grades will talk about force in relation to the shot.
Students will then pass the ball with hockey sticks in groups of two and then play keep away. We will end class with a large game including two groups striking or "flicking" the ball to score goals through the other team.
B... Students again will get into 12 groups of 3 to 4 behind a box of tennis balls. They will work today on controlling a ball with a hockey stick by sliding the stick behind it to move like a soccer dribble or basketball dribble. Students will control the ball and advance it toward around a distant cone and then back. The skills will change to passing, and groups will send a member to a hoop to receive and collect passed balls. Students can steal stray passes from groups nearby. Offensive and defensive strategies will be practiced next. Half the class will spread out all around the court inside hula hoops and act as the defense. The other half of the class will attempt to "dribble" the ball with the hockey stick through the defense, around a distant cone, and then back. The defense cannot leave their hoop but can reach out and attack! If time permits, we will again end with a large hockey game, again with many tennis balls. Careful attention will be given to stick low and flicking shots.

K - 1st grades
A... Students will be working on rolling skills. They will be 12 groups of 2 to 3 and lined up behind a box of tennis balls. Students will learn the cues for rolling...lead foot forward, bend knees, roll and follow through. They will learn to roll with a soft touch to get balls to stop in a close hula hoop. Different dimensions will include a hoop farther away for 5 points and then a long roll for 10 points, all informally scored. Comparisons will be made to a toss and how they are similar and different. The game will be continuous and student will fill up their box of balls when they run out on the outside of the game to avoid interference.
B... Students will again group like before. This time groups will put a member inside the hoop, which is now much farther away, about 5 yards. Rolling will be reviewed and students will roll to their partner in the hoop, who will place balls in the hoop that they stop. Cues include once again stepping forward, bending at the knees, and following through. Rolling will be done both by taking turns so students can be assessed and then continuous rolling. The roll catcher will be traded periodically. Catching a rolled ball will be introduced. Students should stand, bend the knees, and hold fingers down to catch the rolled ball, like using a baseball glove.


(Students will have one day of PE this week)

3rd - 5th grades
A... Students will participate in two stations. Every person will play "Home Run Derby" for half the class and "Hockey" for the other half. At the batting game, students will be introduced to batting, reviewing stance and hand placement. In groups of two will each have a batting area where a batter can hit 5 balls from a tee or self-toss to the field. Points will be kept by each group depending on where each ball lands in relation to markers in the field (single is 1 point...home run is 4 points). The fielder will retrieve balls and once 5 balls have been found, he/she moves to the tee area after the batter places the bat on the ground. Hockey will involve groups being introduced to the hockey strike and how to avoid potential safety concerns with high sticking. Students will advance balls to score continuous goals with soccer balls for easy movement.

K - 2nd grades
A... Some classes will not get to use the hockey sticks. Most classes in these grades will only be batting. Student will strike in groups of 2 to 3 much like the 3rd through 5th grades. Emphasis will be placed on stance and foot position combined with hand placement on the bat. Striking in these grades will be done off the tee.


3rd - 5th grades
A...Students will continue practice towards their routine finale at the end of this week. Further examples of how routines are scored will be given. Routines will be assessed individually and advice on how to improve scores will be given.
B...Students will receive about 15 minutes to warm up for thier routines and then they will present them to the class. They will get music and a timed 90 second period to be judged on technical (a point for every trick and less one for every stop) and creative (based on 1 to 10 for creativity and originality).

K - 2nd grades
A... A "Short Interval" course will be set up around the basketball course which will include stations: a) balls, b) helicopter rope, c) short jump ropes, d) hula hoops, e) flag belts, f) discs, g) rackets, and h) long jump ropes. Students will work in small groups of about 3 to 5 and get about 5 to 10 minutes at each interval. At the end of each interval, groups will be challenged to clean up their area before the other groups!
B... Students will continue "Short Intervals" with groups.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


3rd - 5th grade
A...Classes will continue to work on their Jumprope routines. Students will be given advice and encouraged to work out their own team and skill problems. 4th grade classes will miss all week because of testing.
B...Jump Rope For Heart on Thursday and no school Friday
2nd grade
A...Groups will again work on long rope skills and be challenged to come up with a quick trick routine. The routine will be presented at the end of class and rated.
B...Jump Rope For Heart on Thrusday and no school Friday
K - 1st grades
A...Students will practice short rope skills, then long rope skills in groups of three, and then "Helicopter" with groups having one student swing the rope around and the others in the group jumping over as it swings by.
B...Jump Rope For Heart on Thrusday and no school Friday

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


2nd - 5th grade
A...The long jumpropes will be introduced to these grades this week. We will talk about the importance of the jumper and the turner and how the turner has control of long jumproping success. Groups of three will practice skills to music. Skills will include general jumping, jumping in and out of moving ropes, and assorted tricks. We will also apply skills to how they will be used in "routines" that will follow in the next week or two.
B...Class will begin with a short discussion on stretching and the muscles that we stretch. Students in 3rd through 5th grades will choose groups of four and begin work on developing a "Jumprope Routine". We will discuss what a routine is and how the routine will be score when presented to the class. During their routine, groups will be graded on skills and creativity. One or two points are awarded for tricks and a point deducted for rope stoppage. Creativity points are awarded for getting everyone involved, performing creative tricks, and having a good routine flow. Advice will be given to individual groups as they practice. This will continue for the next week. 2nd grade will continue to work on long jumprope skills.
K - 1st grades
A...Students will be introduced to the short jumpropes. We will begin by swing the jumpropes to the side with the right hand then the left to show students how the turn should feel. Students will then attempt to jump rope by themselves. Special attention and encouragement will be given to students struggling with jumproping. Several talks about "Trying" will be given as those that have trouble will become frustrated and many times attempt to give up. We will advacne slowly to backwards jumping and then jumping while running.
B...Students will continue using short jumpropes. Similar strategies will be used to get students to understand, such as keep the head up, keep hands to the side, turn rope and catch with feet, and keep arms moving in circles. We will give students free jumproping to music the last 5 to 10 minutes. 1st graders may group in three to practice longjumping.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


2nd - 5th grades

A...The beginning of our 3 to 4 week unit on jumproping will take us from short ropes to long ropes then to rope routines. Our first day is the individual jumprope challenge. Students will select there jumping location in a pre-set LARGE circle with jumpropes placed and ready to go. Safety will be a non-factor as student MUST remain between the two cones that mark there jumproping location. We will discuss the difference between beginner jumproping (two hops between turns) and advanced jumproping (one hop between turns). The comparison will be applied to sports that use jumproping and why...speed and quickness! Students will be checked off on: 10 consecutive jumps, 20 consecutive jumps, criss-cross jump, and the double turn jump. Periodic stops will be done to give students tips and teaching cues for success. Individual help will also be given as students are checked for skill achievement.

B...We will continue individual skills and checking off students skill acquisition. Students that have completed all four skills will be challenged to do: criss-cross and hold, multiple criss-cross, and backwards criss-cross.


K - 1st grades

A... Students will begin jumproping with long jumpropes. Lower grade students will gain experience by feeling the beat of jumping. They will not have to turn the rope this week, just jump in beat. Older students will be guest assistant coaches and help turn ropes for small groups of students. Goals will be to successfully jump 10 times in a row. Emphasis will be on staying in the middle of the rope area to jump and starting with a pause. First grade students will learn to jump with multiple students inside the rope, learn to jump into a moving rope, and out of a moving rope. Students will often switch groups to jump with new turners.

B...Much of the same will be done this lesson, trying to improve skills learned at the start of the week. First grade students will advance more quickly and master more difficult skills discussed in the first lesson. Turners will have contests to see which group can get the most students to do ten jumps, most students to run and jump in a moving rope, and most students in a moving rope at the same time. Advanced first grade students will work in groups of three and practice turning and jumping with the long ropes together.


2nd - 5th grades
A...The first day of PE this week will see the introduction to rackets. We will have our first "tennis pre-test" as students take the test in their line groups. Questions will lead students to become more familiar with a few common racket/paddle sport rules and learning about tennis major tournaments (in the midst of the Australian Open). Student will start with their own racket, as we received a large grant this year and bought 50 new tennis rackets. Students will go through similar skills as the paddles, becoming familiar with striking a ball farther away from the hand. Our oringinal plan was to use the soccer field and play "Soccer Tennis", hitting balls across the field and into the goal, but the field is under water...RAIN!! We modified the game to use the court and hit a LOT of tennis balls back and forth across the court to partners and just across the court in general.
B...The second day of tennis we jumped right into tennis rackets, warming up with individual skills. We stressed importance of keeping the head of the racket square to strike the ball and follow through straight ahead, rather than baseball swing style. We partnered up and hit tennis balls across the court to our partners, attempting to set our partners up with good shots they could hit back. Boxes of balls were spread along the edge of the court so students would not have to chase balls to the sides and chance getting hit! Next we remained in the same location and took away the partner aspect and just hit any ball that came into your area.

K - 1st grades
A...The younger students will get to experience the use of paddles and rackets for this one week! We will begin by talking about paddles and rackets then everybody will get a paddle and whiffle ball. Individual skills will include: balancing the ball on the paddle, hitting the ball straight into the air, hitting the ball up letting bounce then hitting up again. This last skill will see students otivated to hit the ball high and straight. Students will then work with a partner to hit and bounce back and forth! Not easy! Students will get 5 minutes free racket time.
B...Students will warm up with the paddles then get a racket. Racket safety will be discussed and we will do the same skills as with the paddles last time. Emphasis and style will be directed at keeping the head parallel to the ground to hit straight up. We will hit up very high with the rackets, both under the covered court (slamming it into the roof) and in the grass (up high into the sky).

Thursday, January 17, 2008


(January 14 - 17, shortened week)
2nd - 5th grades
A...3rd through 5th grades will continue "Paddle Ball". We will review the rules of "Paddle Ball" and then describe how to play singles. Games will be played to 5 and we will play "winner stays" format. Students will learn how to call"game" and where to stand to wait to get in a game. Students who are waiting to play are encouraged to help keep score, help call in/out, and not interfere in games. 2nd grade will practice their PR then work with a partner for one bounce hitting before coming to the nets and learning more about "Paddle Ball" rules. They will practice on nets the last 5 - 10 minutes.
B...4th and 5th grades will be introduced to tournament play. Two large tournament brackets will be kept by the teacher and students will be responsible for reporting scores and playing games. Those students that exit a tournament can sign up to play in additional tournaments as well. There will be multiple tournaments occurring at the same time. 2nd grade will be introduced to singles "Paddle Ball" and will learn about the "winner stays" format before playing the last 10 - 15 minutes of class.
K - 1st grades
A...Students will do a fun run to music around the court, either running, jogging, skipping, or walking. They will receive a hoop and be challenged to do several hoop skills. Students will receive 5 minutes free hooping to music, challenged to perform their best skills and work on skills they find difficult. Next students will put hoops up and put on a flag belt. Rules for "Flag Tag" will be given: boundaries are the edge of the court, can pull off anyones flag if flag is still on, out if flagg comes off, can get back in as soon as flag is put back on. Music is played!
B...Students will do another fun run to music around court, music stops and movement will be changed. A hoop is given out, students will be challenged to do skills, then free hooping for 5 minutes. We will do a few parachute games and then regroup for another "Flag Tag" game to music.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


2nd - 5th grades
A...Students will begin "striking with implements" this week. An introduction to paddles will start class, talking about sports that use them and the Olympics. Students will all receive a paddle and a whiffle ball and begin by working on balancing the ball. Students will be further challenged to balance the ball while moving and to perfrom tricks! Students next will begin the strike the ball up continuously. They will be challenged to keep the ball going and not move their feet. We will review the grip of a paddle and then go over "PR" or "Personal Records". Students will attempt to improve their PR and then be challenged to do striking tricks. Students will grab a partner and strike back and forth in consecutive strikes (no bounce) then try it with one bounce. Students in 3rd - 5th grades will play line ball which is the same as one bounce but it has to be over a line.
B...3rd - 5th grades will review the rules of "Paddle Ball" and watch a demonstration game. Students will play singles and doubles games. Strategies of conflict resolution will be discussed. Students will begin play at own paces and choosing own partners and opposition. Games will be played to 10 and then must find a new team to play. 2nd grade will practice PR's again and play line ball.
K - 1st grades
A...Students will have a "Hoop Day" Students will be challenged, as a group, to hold in different ways, move in different ways, make a diamond, drive a car, jump rope hula hoop, jump through a stationary hoop, pass it from one arm to the other, throw up and step through, hula hoop, neck hoop, arm hoop, continuous roll, two hand roll, roll and jump through, rolling contest, then free hooping.
B...Students will again have a "Hoop Day" revisiting many of the skills from the first day. Students will get in two groups and create a hoop tunnel. Each time student goes through the tunnel, he/she has to switch with a hula hoop holder to give another student the chance to go through the hoop tunnel. Lines move VERY quickly. Next lines create a hoop run/jump course and students will run and jump through the long line, only to return for another shot at it over and over again. Lines are made more difficult as time goes on by moving the hoops farther apart.


2nd grade - 5th grades
We only had a half week before the Christmas break so we did our second nine weeks final exam. Students reviewed the 5-minute stick run. Grades were as follows: 3 sticks or less - F, 4 sticks - D, 5 sticks - C, 6 sticks - B, 7 sticks or more - A. The run was around our hard court and each lap equalled about 100 yards. After the run scores were recorded and students were given a choice of activites to practice skills we had learned in the last few months and units.
K - 1st grades
Student ran a stick run but the amount of sticks was not recorded. The run was just to get students used to stick runs! Students received a choice of activities to practice skills we had learned in the last few months.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


(December 10-14)
3rd-5th grades
A... Students will work in groups of four using the bump and set to try to keep the ball in the air without it hitting the ground. Students will be encouraged to use proper form and count consecutive strikes. Students will set up their own court lines and play once again modified volleyball. Students will be instructed that one day remains of volleyball and we will once again change the rules to get closer to real volleyball.
B...Today will be our last day of organized volleyball. We will talk about pre-game activity: stretch, warmup exercises, talking strategy, and skill warmup. Students will pick how and what they want to warmup as far as skills go and take 5 to 10 minutes to do this. Games will start and we will play "Modified Volleyball" just like last week. We will talk about the similarities and differences between our game and the real volleyball.
K-2nd grades
A...Students get into groups of three, each with their own box of 100 tennis balls. The will attempt to throw or toss balls non-stop over the volleyball net and into a grocery cart. Upon completion, balls in carts will be counted and students will pick up balls. We will regroup and do it once more, this time with carts much further away. After again picking up balls, we will do 10 minutes of Parachute games: "Waves", "Tent", "Magic Carpet", "Hot Air Balloon", and "The Dance".
B...We will continue to throw today. Students will practice the three types of throws: basketball shot, baseball throw, and one/two hand toss. Students will line up in relay type form in groups of two behind an orange cone. Six carts will be placed on the opposite side of the net for "Grocery Cart Ball". Students will throw over net and try to get ball (volleyball) to stay in cart. They must report a make to teacher for a point. Periodically, the carts will be moved forward and backwards. Class will end with 10 minutes of parachute includes games such as: "Waves", "Magic Carpet", "Hide N Seek Under", and "Hide N Seek Over".


3rd-5th grades
A...For the second week, students will work on volleyball skills. This week students will be taught bumping skills. Emphasis will be to keep arms straight, hands locked and down, and a slight bumping motion with the arms. Students will practice serving a little and then bumping. We will continue volleyball play but again modify the rules. This time we are getting closer to volleyball. Rules include everything the same as volleyball except unlimited strikes by students before the ball goes over and one bounce on the ground between strikes.
B...Students will work in groups of three, bumping over the net from inside a hulahoop. Students will toss balls over the net to their partners, taking turns at the sound of the whistle. We will stop periodically for skill comments. They same modified volleyball from earlier in the week will continue this week.

K-2nd grades
A...Students will use the parachute today working on many different games including "Carousel", "Waves", "Igloo", "Golf", and "Popcorn". Students will pause to play "Musical Hoops" with locomotor movements to music then in a hoop at the music pause. Parachute games will end class with "Magic Carpet", and "The Dance".
B...Students will get in teams of three, each team with a box of about 100 tennis balls. They will attempt to throw the tennis ball over the net one at a time but very quickly. Next students will be continue throwing but this time each team will set up their own array of 9 bowling pins and attempt to knock them down. They will be placed about 50 feet away making it quite a task.

Friday, November 30, 2007


3rd - 5th grades
A...The first day of this week our students will continue to practice their serving. Students will serve over the net with a partner and do an informal skills test with ten serves. Students will again play "Serve Ball" with the back out line closer in to encourage more controlled serves. Students will end class with "Serve Newcombe Volleyball".
B...Today students will get to learn more about the game of volleyball by managing their own games. Four courts will be set up with a scoreboard and directions at each court. Students will divide into teams and begin play. Teachers will monitor games for sportsmanship and teamwork and studnets will be responsible for managing all other aspects of the game.

2nd grade
A...Students will do the same thing as 3rd through 5th grades except all of the serves will be throws.
B...Again students will work on throwing and catching with a partner over the net. We will talk about baseball throw, toss, basketball shot, and soccer-style throw. Students will play "Serve Ball" then play "Throw Newcombe Volleyball".

K - 1st grades
A...Students will each have a soccer ball or volleyball and practice throwing in different ways by themselves. Students will toss up, throw up, basketball shot up, all the time making catches. Students will next attempt to throw over the net and then with a partner over the net. Finally, students will play "Throw Ball" over the net with few rules, just over the net, stay on your own side, and use any ball.
B...At the end of the week, students will pratice more throwing and catching over the net with a partner. Then students will again play "Throw Ball" over the net, this time encouraging catching balls to save "points". Class will end with about 15 minutes of "5 Corners".

Monday, November 19, 2007


There is only one day of PE this week because of Thanksgiving holidays!!!

3rd - 5th grades

A...Students will begin volleyball this week. We will start with serving skills. Students will attempt to hold the ball steady for the service strike. The serving arm should stay straight while striking the ball. Students will practice with a partner in thie rown space, then over the net. We will end our partner unions and combine into two teams on each side of the net for "Serve Ball'. This is a wild game where students will attempt to serve the ball over the net so it drops and hits the ground on the other teams side. Teams can save balls by catching them before they hit the ground. We will transition to "Serve Newcombe Volleyball". Two separate games will occur over the net. Students will play standard Newcombe rules only using serves to move the ball. Concepts discussed and used will be the server, the service, three touches on a side, volleyball lines, rotation, and scoring.

2nd grade

A...Students will do the same activities as 3rd - 5th grades except they will use the throw or toss instead of the serve.

K - 1st grades

A...Students will take a break from the intense work they have been doing. Groups will be formed and work on assorted activities, switching from station to station at the whistle bursts. Activity stations include soccer, football, flag belts, jump ropes, basketballs, hoops, and others.


This week should be the middle of November, ending on November 16.

3rd - 5th grades
A & B...Our advanced PE classes will continue soccer this week. We will again use 5 soccer balls, work on defensive strategies, positions, and teamwork/sportsmanship skills. We will create different scoring opportunities with smaller goals inside larger goals.

2nd grades
A...Our 2nd grades classes will continue working on their kicking skills. We will work with a partner, trying to dribbling and control the ball, similar to a one on one game. We will line up on opposite sides of the field, facing partners, to create two equal teams. Teams will play "Kick Sty" to constantly kick balls to the other teams side. Our last activity will group students into groups of two or three behind a cone. Students will dribble zig-zag then pass to the next person in line continuously.
B...Students will dribble inside a large circle, continue playing keep away, then kick the balls of other students out of the circle while controlling their own. Students will then play "Steal the Bacon" with 5 to 8 groups around the field with their own hula hoop. Students will try to steal the ball from others hoops and dribble or run the ball back to their own hoop. We will end class with a goal shooting contest. About 15 teams of 2 will face the goal, kick the ball into the goal, and run the ball back to their partner. We will dribble the ball into the goal first then take a big shot at it!

K - 1st grades
A...Students will all have a ball and then kick and stop on the whistle, though almost continuously. Students will then kick with a partner, followed again by all students kicking their own ball from one end of the field to the other trying to score a goal
B...Students will line up around the perimeter of a large circle divided by a middle line. Students will attempt to kick balls out of the other side of the circle. Students can retrieve the ball and kick it back across the opposing side. We will end class with a goal shooting contest. About 15 teams of 2 will face the goal, kick the ball into the goal, and run the ball back to their partner. We will dribble the ball into the goal first then take a big shot at it!

Monday, November 12, 2007


3rd - 5th grades
A & B...Students will stretch and talk about teamwork and sportsmanship in sports. No run test will occur this week. Students will be quickly divided into teams and a meeting before the game will discuss rules, strategies and soccer positions. "5 Ball Soccer" will begin, one coach on each side of the field to keep goals and fouls. Scoring should be high and students should learn the basic concepts of soccer.

2nd grade
A & B...Students will stretch and run before advancing to the field. A review of punting skills will follow with an emphasis on "drop and kick". Students will be encouraged to drop the ball to punt, not throw up and wait for the drop to kick. Students will practice in groups of two, be challenged to catch their partners ball in the air or on one bounce, and then keep their own score. Students will advance to the soccer goal and then try to punt over the goal to their partner, counting catches their as well. We will discuss game rules for "Punt Ball" and students will then try to punt any ball over the soccer goal for points.

K - 1st grades
A...After a warmup and a "Freeze Game" to encourage locomotor skills and some exercise, students will learn about flag belts. We will spend time practicing putting flags on. Students will partner up and play "One on One" flag tag on the court. We will then advance to the field to learn some lead up games for "Hill Dill". Students will run across the field and not touch others flags, they will run across and be aware of out of bounds on the sides, they will stop on the end lines, they will leanr about the terminology of "out". We will put a student in the middle and run a few times across the field with the middle "monster" trying to pull their flags before they make it safely to the other side.
B...Students will warm up and do a quick jog. We will again review the flag belts and go straight to the field. We will do a few lead up runs to remember the "Hill Dill" rules and then play "Hill Dill". If time permits, we will do some other flag games like "Flag Tag".

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


2nd - 5th grades
A...Students will do a 5 minute stick run and discuss the 2nd nine weeks final exam in December. We will meet in the field in groups of two. Class will review the "Power Kick", encouraging students to strick the ball long and high on a stationary ball on the ground. Students will be instructed to step beside the ball with the non-kicking foot and strike under the ball with a bent foot for lift. Students will be encouraged to try and catch their partners kicked ball on no bounces or one bounce and keep totals. Next students will use a hoop and play "One on One Soccer" using dribbling skills to try and get the ball to touch the inside of the hula hoop. Next students will get on opposite sides of the center field line and play "Wild Kick" trying to drive the ball as far as possible over the other teams heads. Students with the least balls on their side wins the game.
B...Students will do a 2:30 No Walk test. Journals will follow and students will be given fitness test scores from the entire class and have to put them into a graph or chart. We will return to the field in groups of 2 to continue practice the Power Kick. Students will then play "Goal" where groups of three will try to score as many goals as possible. At about 20 yards away, one student will kick, one student will retrieve, and one student will be on deck for the next kick. Play must be fasst paced and balls going through the goal count one point and over the goal for three.
K - 1st grades
A...Students will do a 4 minutes walk/run. Flag belts will be reviewed and tested. Next students will get in groups of two and play "One on One Flag Tag". Students will be encouraged to spread feet apart and move feet quickly. Students will learn to put their flags back on quickly. We will advance to the field for "No Elimination Flag Tag" inside a pre-set circle. Students will pull other students flags. Out until they get their flags back on then back in!
B...After a long run around a spot inthe field, students will again work on putting flags on. Partner groups will play "One on One Flag Tag" again. Students will advance to the field for an introduction to "Hill Dill". We will work on the end lines, the side lines, crossing the field, the safe line, and how the middle person pulls flags. This is in preparation for the real game, which may be played by 1st grade.


K - 5th grades
A & B...This week saw the fifth grade leave school for Camp Crystal. While I was gone, Coach Conn ran PE classes. The older grades finished football skills with more chasing/fleeing/dodging games and ended the short week with a footbal game. The younger students advanced from last weeks work with the underhand throw to the overhand throw. Students were taught to throw with the correct hand and practiced throwing hard and low. They used targets and threw lots of balls. Throwing will be revisited many times throughout the year for the K - 1st grades!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


2nd - 5th grades
A...Students will stretch and do a short run then gather in their line groups to write in their line journal. They will be asked a question about fitness testing and must come up with the best answers among their group members. Students will practice the football throw in groups of three. They will model the football throw from the baseball throw learned a few weeks ago and just add some nifty hand movement to create a "spiral" then pay "Three Man Football" with a quarterback, receiver, and defender. Next, Students will put their footballs away and wear a flag belt in groups of two next. They will play "One on One Flag Tag" to learn quickness and speed. Students will see and feel the importance of keeping low to the ground, bending the knees, and spreading feet apart to be quick.
B...Students will begin class with stretching and a run then group in threes. Students will play "Three Man Football" then get into relay race form, groups of 3 to 4. Students will pass to a teammate in a hula hoop about 10 feet away and on a catch, move back 3 feet. Every catch students move hula hoop back 3 feet, with periodic switches of the catcher in the hoop. Next game will feature students on court playing "No Elimination Flag Tag" where all students have a flag on and try to pull off anyone elses flag. If the flag comes off, student must stop and put it back on before resuming play. At the end of class students get a form with their pre-fitness test scores.

K - 1st grades
A...Students will do a short run and all get a tennis ball. "Tossing" will be reviewed and compared to the throw. Students will practice tossing the ball low and catching, high a catching, high twist and catch, high clap and catch, high and hit a roof cross bar, high and bang the roof, and into the basketball goal. Students will partner up and practice tossing with a partner close range. Emphasis on control, easy throw that can be caught. Partners then use two balls and try to toss at the same time and catch. Challenge to see how many in a row can be caught.
B...Students will get into 112 groups of 3 or 4. They will do relay style tossing into a basket. Comparisons between the throw and the toss. Students will then have a free toss while we get the balls lieing on the court and into the open baskets. Students will line up again and have a challenge to see whose team can toss the most balls in the basket.


Williams Elementary School would like to welcome Coach Conn from the University of Florida. She will be coaching in our PE classes for the next two months. The last two months found Coach Conn at Westwood Middle School coaching sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. They spent several weeks in the pool!! Coach Conn is excited to be at our school. She says "I am excited to be working with Coach Drost and the students at Williams. I have heard such great things about the students here and I am looking forward to the next two months!"

Monday, October 15, 2007


Though the rain set us back a bit, all classes managed to complete the entire fitness test this week. Students passing the test at the National (50th percentile) and Presidential (85th percentile) levels will be posted below. Students in 2nd through 5th grades will bring home their scores next week with information regarding the test.

Presidential Award
5th grade
Michael M
4th grade
Jonah T
2nd grade
Anousha P
National Award
5th grade
Antwain P - Charlotte T - Janelle T - Kate W - Lonquisha W - Aloha B - Isaac B - Jasmin B - Alice H - Ayaz K - Noah K - Deja B - Timothy A - Darius M - Meghan M - Stella R - Kaitlyn S - John TD - Jasmine J
4th grade
Rafael B - Elizabeth F - Camilo ML - Jason M - Wilson P - Dylan P - Allison R - Jamie W - Carly A - Will B - Ryan J - Caroline R - Delaney R - Demari M - Davonte S - Joshua Q
3rd grade
Tyrik B - Chacity B - Lynette B - Morgan G - James L - Nicholas S - Alex S - Elijah K - Sophie S - Xzavion C
2nd grade
Aeriyana B - Nahshaun S - Catherine B - Jake D - Lulu F - Daniel M - Deshon P - Lauryn Y - Jakeshia L - Alexus O - Jessica B - Camden F - Grace W - Destiney B

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


K - 5th grades
A & B...Both days this week will involve pre-fitness testing. Our school tests in four areas: (1) mile run for cardio-respiratory endurance, (2) sit and reach for flexibility, (3) pull ups for muscular strength, and (4) sit ups for muscular endurance. The mile run test will begin the week and we will continue with sit and reach and sit ups. The rain may interfere so we will adapt if necessary. K and 1st grades will only do the half mile run test instead of the entire mile. Top scores and those passing all four fitness tests will be posted on this website and at school.

Monday, September 24, 2007


2nd - 5th grades
A...This week will be a transition from Throwing to Pre-Fitness Testing. Scooters will be used after a 4 minute run, working on teamwork, coordination, and building our leg muscles: hamstrings, quads, and calves! We will start with partner scooter pushing. Students will explore their own needs, both with speed, balance, and safety. Ropes will be given out and students will explore speed, balance, and safety with pulling their partners. We will do some "Scooter Races" for speed and then have a three person game to promote more balance. 2nd grade will do an obsticle course with partners during the last game.
B...We will stretch and do a 2:30 no walk jog and then jump right into scooters. We will do some practice with partners, both with and without a pull rope. We will do a few races then play NASCAR around a set circular area. Students push or pull partner around changing directions every so often. The class will end with a tennis ball collection using the partner scooters.

K - 1st grades
A...Students will stretch and then practice their "Lap". Students will take turns practicing moving around the court on scooters. Students will see the difference between forward scooting and backward scooting. We will do 2 person relay races and then have a partner push free time. All this to MUSIC!!!
B...Students will again be using scooter, first with a little practice. A large circle of cones will be formed and students will be in groups of one or two. They will have to sail into the middle and steal treasure from the sea because they are pirates. The name of the game... "Treasure Hunt". Students can only collect one piece of treasure, laid out throughout the middle and keep it intheir hidden treasure chest. Different values will be given to treasures. 2nd grade will play this game as well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


2nd - 5th grade
A...Students will stretch and then come up with one muscle that is used in the throw. The Run for the Stars will be a long run and depend on place of finish. Students return and divide into four teams, playing "Tattoo" where students throw tennis balls and try to smash their target, the basketball backboard. After cleaning up the tennis ball. Students will be placed in four groups around an 18 foot-side rope perimeter square. The game "Cleaning House" will involve throwing medium sized balls at the targets in the middle and try to keep them clear of their side. At the end of each game, the team that has blasted the targets farthest away from their own side is the cleaning champion.
B...Today will be a similar day as earlier in the week but we will make the games more competitive. "Tatoo" will have two teams on each side of the court, divided by an extended tug-o-war rope. Students will try to hit their target, the basketball goal on the opposite side as many times as possible. Score will be kept. "Cleaning House" will be improved with a larger square to give students more room to throw. Nerf balls will be removed and more volleyballs will be added. Less targets will be in the center.

K - 1st grade
A...Students will stretch and practice once again on running "Around" and completing a "Lap". We will pull out the Parachute and have a little fun this week. We will do (1) waves, (2) the Tent, (3) Magic Carpet, (4) Turtles, (5) Igloo, (6) Merry-go-round, (7) Popcorn, and other parachute games. Class will end with some advanced "5 Corners" and start to understand the concept of winning and losing.
B...We will start the day with more emphasis on going "Around" cones and completing a "Lap". We will move nto some "Self-Exploration" where students will use equipment that has been placed on the court. Kindergarten classes will use any equipment and 1st grade will be put into centers or stations and moved from center to center, like an circuit course.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Williams would like to welcome Coach August to our school! She has come from the University of Florida and is a true GATOR fan. Coach August will graduate with her degree in Physical Education in December and is really excited about teaching PE. She says she loves our students and will be sad to leave at the end of October when she heads to Sidney Lanier to continue teaching PE. Thanks Coach August for all you do for Williams PE!!!


2nd - 5th grades
A...Students will stretch and star run with a "long run of 2:20". Upon return, students will make seven groups and do the "Muscle PreTest". Next, Students in 3rd - 5th that received an A last week on their throw will play "Battleball", a wild target throwing game with two teams on different sides of the court and lots and lots of tragets to throw at on the opposing side. Work with the non-A students will result in inclusion in the game with a little extra practice. Students in 2nd grade will practice throwing in lines designed by skill level and help will be given to students that did not get an A on the throw.
B...Stretching will be followed by a "no walk/stop long run". Students will return to their lines and work together to think of the 12 muscles we study and report to the teacher for a line point. 4th and 5th grades will begin Battleball and 2nd and 3rd grades will partner throw before starting Battleball.
K - 1st grades
A...We will start with our stretches and again practice locomotor movements with the "Freeze Game". Students will grab a partner, not hard of course, and will be challenged to touch body parts together when that part is called. The called parts will get more complicated including two or three different parts touching. We will throw in a new twist, and when "Scramble" is called students will have to switch partners.
B...Stretches will start class and we will really get serious about teaching students to go "Around" cones, in the fashion of a lap. We will try different types of runs trying to work up to a "Lap". Will will play "Freeze" one more time and then sit on our own spot, spread out on the court. Students will be shown large flash cards with body parts shown and students must figure out how to put only those parts on the floor. Students must have good balance and be thinking! We will end with a beanbag and balnce it on certain body parts!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


2nd - 5th grades
A...Students stretch and warmup, with emphasis on deltoids, including a 2 minute pacer run, called a "no pass." Students are introduced to the throw in 4 cues: (1) stand to the side, (2) ball behind head, (3) slide step, and (4) twist and throw. Students model the throw while they are observed and corrected. Students then throw for power and distance, as compared to a baseball pitcher. Small team of 2 or 3 are formed and students are challenged to throw at targets, like bowling pins and stacked crates to knock them down with force.
B...Students will again stretch and warmup, again emphasis on the deltoids. The run today... a 2 minute no walk or stop! Students will play catch with a partner and be graded based upon following the four cues and without regard for accuracy. Students will then get into groups of 2 to 3 and play more target games, like "knock it back" where stacked crates are moved back every time they are knocked down.

K - 1st grades
A...Student names will be reviewed...AGAIN!!! The "Freeze Game" will be played for spatial wareness, locomotor movements and moving to music. Polyspots will be spread out on the court to encourage "own space" and we will move around spots to music and even play "Moving Spots" once again. We finished the day with some "Body Part Identification" and played "5 Corners" to complete PE time.
B...Students will stretch and again encourage spatial awareness through the "Freeze Game". Polyspots will be put in a large circle formation and we will play "Magic Color Call" encouraging students to move quickly, pay attention, and learn colors. We will add beanbags to the middle of the circle and play "Magic Beanbags" as students have to hear their color and quickly run to get a beanbag or sometimes more from the middle...carefully! We will finish with "Ship to Shore" working in partner groups. Different motions are called and partner groups will perform the motion when called. If SHIP is called students must find a different partner quickly!


2nd - 5th grades
A...Students will once again reveiw spots, stretch and warmup, then do a "Run 4 the Star". Students will find the same groups they had last week during the "Group Challenges" and then be sent to the next challenge. Today, students will participate in 2 more challenges. Music will accompany the work.
B...Today will be the final day of "Group Challenges". Students will participate in 2 or 3 challenges. 5th grade students will end 5 minutes early to be shown the techniques to use to succeed in each challenge for future use. Music will accompnay the work.

K - 1st grades
A...Students will review lining up on red spots, review student names, and do stretches. We will play the freeze game to get students moving in different types of locomotor movements and to identify that the whistle means stop. Music will accompany. Students will play small and large group games. Class will end with a "Snow Ball War".
B...After warmups, students will revisit the "Freeze Game" and then do some new parachute games involving colors and "under the parachute" action! We will use polyspots to introduce "spreading out" to studnets and practice with and without spots. We will move in different locomotor movements around the spots to music and then play "Musical Spots" and those not finding spots will have to go to exercise corner for some intense workout before returning to the game! Class will end with an elimination "5 Corners" game!


Welcome back Williams students and families. I hope you are ready for an exciting year in PE. Some new changes have made Williams PE again one of the best places for students to learn about their body, working with others, physical skills, and how to have fun physically! All classes will attend PE two times every week and for 50 minutes. We are able to do this by have two classes come to PE at a time. The classes are bigger but will not sacrifice time in activities. We have added lots of new equipment with grants, additional budget money, GRU funds, and PTA funds.

2nd-5th grades
A...Students will become familiar with the red spot formation, learn the 2 class behavior rules, and then go immediately into parachute activities. We will add a parachute and do (1) waves, (2) tent, (3) igloo, and (4) magic carpet. Next, we will stop parachuting and learn our assigned spots for the rest of the year. Our coomunication/cooperation game will follow. Student must group themselves by the answer to several questions. All students must cooperate with each other to succeed in finding everyone with the same answer. This game will be followed by a few more parachute games: (1) merry go round, (2) blast off, (3) over under, and (4) popcorn. Within theses parachute games, the 3 grading rules of PE will be introduced.
B...Students will review their spots when classes begins. We will introduce warmups and stretch, emphasis on "Hamstrings". The class will do a few parachute games that did not get finished last class or have student choice. Students will begin their unit on "Group Challenges". Students will get into groups of 6 - 8 students and be placed in a station, or challenge: (1) Acid River, (2) Time Machine, (3) Frogs on the Pond, (4) Three Story Building, (5) Group Juggling, (6) Hot Lava, (7) The Switch. Students will see two challenges today.

K - 1st grade
A...These grades will learn about red spots for lining up when coming to PE. Parachute games will follow with similar games as 2nd - 5th grades. The PE behavior rules will be introduced. We will review spots once again then go over the concept of running "Around" something! We will do a few practice runs, a few more parachute games, then play "5 Corners". Students must moves to one of five designated areas on the court in ten seconds without touching other students.
B...The second class of the week will again review spots then learn about stretches and warmups. Students will play parachute games once again and revisit games from earlier in the week. Students will do a "Grouping Game" where a number will be called out and students will have to get themselves into groups of that size as quickly as possible. We will end class with active games of "Squirrels in the Trees" and "Dog Tails". These games are designed to get students to start thinking about spatial awareness and locomotor movements.